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With X100 Invest Group, you gain not only capital but also a reliable partner in achieving your financial and business goals.

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x100 Invest Group

Who are we ?

Investor Solutions

Strategic Investment Opportunities: We curate a diverse portfolio of investment opportunities, ranging from cutting-edge tech startups to established ventures in various sectors. In-Depth Due Diligence: Our expert analysts conduct comprehensive assessments, providing investors with detailed insights to make informed decisions.

Entrepreneurial Support

Access to Capital: For entrepreneurs with innovative ideas, we connect you with qualified investors who are eager to fuel your vision. Mentorship and Networking: Benefit from the wisdom of seasoned professionals and expand your business network for invaluable guidance and opportunities.

Innovative Ventures

AI, Cryptocurrency, and Tech Startups: We specialize in investing in ventures at the cutting edge of technology, ensuring that you stay ahead of the curve.

Visionary Insights

We have a keen eye for emerging trends and the foresight to identify opportunities with high growth potential.

Risk Mitigation

Our rigorous due diligence process minimizes risks, ensuring that every investment is backed by sound fundamentals.

Long-Term Partnerships

We don’t just invest; we forge enduring relationships, providing ongoing support for both investors and entrepreneurs.


Investor Assets under Management

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Benefits of ETPs

Exchange Traded Crypto

  • Trading on the stock exchange
  • Regulated financial product
  • Held in your stock or ETF portfolio account
  • German ISIN
  • Transparent pricing & trading spreads
  • Cold storage custody for digital assets
  • No blockchain wallet required
  • Independent trustee for investor protection
  • Carbon emissions management
  • Audited securities issuer

Direct Crypto Investment

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